Oct 23, 2010

A Perfect Weekend to Get Started...

This is the weekend to Skype or phone the grandkids/kids to sing the "Jack-O-Lantern" song together!  (Do you know this one?  My Mom sang it to my kids and now I'm sharing it with their kids).  I'll sing to or with them, then tell them to look for a package in a few days (Thank you, Amazon Prime!) so they can enjoy new books as the anticipation builds all this week to Halloween.

Step 1 -- Practice the Song         Do you know the catchy Jack-o-Lantern melody?  If not, there's a downloadable MP3 version by Lorraine Wolf  for $0.99.  (Click here: Jack-o'-Lantern)  The lyrics are easy, adaptable:

       Jack-o-Lantern... Jack-o-Lantern
       You are such a funny (or pretty) sight
       As you sit there in the window
       Looking out at the night
       Once you were a yellow pumpkin
       Growing on a sturdy vine
       Now you are a Jack-o-Lantern
       See the candle light shine
                Repeat, with following added at the end:
       Now you are my Jack-O-Lantern
       Let your little light shine

Step 2 -- Order Some Books, Pronto
For just a bit more  than the price of some greeting cards, if you act now you can send a new book            --or two-- to each child to be added to the family Halloween box that gets brought out in years to come. Place your order (or orders, family by family) to go directly to the grandkids NOW so you can tell them these are coming!

Jack-O-Lantern Tie-ins 

For the Board Book Set:
Baby's pumpkin, where is it?  There's nothing like
lift-the-flap books (click top book photo on the right hand of this posting) for some peek-a-boo fun. 
Or for the rhymes, bright eyes and interesting shape 
of "Who's There..." (click second book photo).   

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins
or the Pre-School Set:
Nothing too scary. Despite the title, this one (click photo, right) was dedicated 
by Bunting for her daughter's second Halloween.  
Author and illustrator both beloved for decades.  
And don't forget the non-fiction, too.  
Kids often yearn for "what's real" 
and you can't beat (left) National Geographic!

Step 3 -- Call/Skype the Kiddos   Sing the song to them once, then suggest they sing along with you.  Tell them you're sending along some books (or books 'n treats) for them (and tell Mom or Dad which book in the order is for which child, if need be).   **Ask them to email you a photo when they carve their Jack-O-Lanterns!

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