Oct 22, 2010

A Quick Guide for New Parents and Grandparents

Our grandchildren have arrived practically "all at once" -- what a blessing and a wake-up call.    As a former children's librarian/educator and a general lover-of-life, I didn't want to miss this critical opportunity to connect our special kids with top-notch affordable  books, puzzles, creative toys, and music at the optimal times in their development...

The last few years have served as Grammi Boot Camp:  I've covered bookstores and toy stores as we've traveled across the country and abroad.    In the process, Amazon has become my new best friend:  the selection and service are tops, duplicates can be returned, and gifts and gift-bags can be shipped directly to loved ones out-of-town (beating the hassle and cost of the post office or checked luggage these days).

So as a brand-new blogger, I thought I'd approach this gift-buying season by sharing my favorite picks with  you!    You'll find my approach is to match interests and abilities across several senses (see-touch-hear) and to give gifts I've ordered or plan to order -- gifts I can see family members enjoying together.

And -- just maybe -- we can all help the world a bit in the process.  The products you order via the Amazon links in this blog will generate credits, 95% of which I hereby commit to sending on to charity. (Your orders through Nov 2010 will specifically benefit UNICEF.)  So, in the sharing spirit of all the wonderful holidays coming up, I hope that you'll plan ahead, have fun with the selecting process, and start your purchasing sessions through this blog.  And if you can, consider adding an extra purchase or gift card to one of your orders to share it with someone needy in your community.     Thanks!

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