Oct 23, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Read for Halloween

How are you coming with the Jack-O-Lantern song?    And last post covered, too, tie-in books for babies through preschool.    This time we'll work on some read-aloud prospects for the Preschool through Grade 2/3 set.  Items can still be delivered to your grandkids if you use 1-Day shipping, so take a quick look at this post and the one below, order* before the weekend ends, and call your loved ones first chance you get to tell them personally that a Halloween surprise package should be at their doorstep by mid-week!  (*With all orders, be sure to check product descriptions for item suitability for each of your grandchildren -- and for timely delivery, check on current availability of NEW items that are shipped directly from Amazon.)

Hip-Hop Halloween Ball 
Dance, Shake, Rattle, and Read

Shake, shake, shake dem bones now. 
Shake, shake, shake dem bones now.
Shake, shake, shake dem bones 
    at the hip-hop Halloween ball.

Click at right to order the new book version 
(for Kindle version click Shake Dem Halloween Bones)

Vibrant artwork and a great beat make this an ideal read-together pick --  why not consider some percussion toys so everyone can "get active" ?

Some Suggestions for Grandkids Aged 4>8 or so 
Remember the budding mathematicians and scientists!

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