Nov 14, 2010

Why Send a Card When You Can Send a Book...

Instead of sending your grandchild a card, why not send a book and add an inscription recalling one of your fondest Thanksgiving memories?  I love to stuff the post office priority envelopes with books and clippings for each family.  (Some titles recommended in last post are now out of stock)

Thanks for ThanksgivingHere are some book ideas:
What Is Thanksgiving? (board book)
My First Thanksgiving (board book)
P Is for Pilgrim: A Thanksgiving Alphabet 
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims 
    (celebrate with 1, 2, 3  little Wampanoags)
Thanks for Thanksgiving
   (Mom & Dad, boy, girl & toddler)
A Plump and Perky Turkey
Click any title above and order now directly from Amazon for free delivery in 2-3 days !  (We used to "collect" for a big order in our Amazon shopping cart, only to find things were sent out separately anyway.)  By buying through this site, you enable us to support well-known philanthropic organizations -- all orders through Nov. 30, for example, benefit UNICEF.  

Thanks for spreading the word! (Click on the envelope icon below this, or any,  posting to send it to a friend who might be interested.)    Happy Holidays!

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