Nov 6, 2010

Veterans' Day Support for Soldiers

Our men and women in uniform follow in a long line of citizens who have stood up to serve when their country has called.  This Thursday, Veterans' Day, we can honor soldiers past by telling their stories, visiting their graves, and by supporting this current generation of soldiers.

Know a soldier deployed overseas?   This Veterans' Day week is a perfect time to email or write them to send your best wishes and your appreciation of the sacrifices they are making.   And as the holiday season approaches, families, church and civic groups around the country are putting together care packages  for our troops. Consider collecting books, magazines, or  gift cards for these packages and/or offering to help with postage fees.

And please help to link up deployed and deploying parents in the U.S. Armed Forces with an organization that attempts to unite soldiers with their children through storybook recordings made via the internet.  A Story Before Bed organization has volunteered to make available one hundred thousand free recording to soldiers overseas. 

Don't know a soldier, but want to help?  
Fly your flag, participate in Veterans' Day celebrations, or forward this Veterans' Administration teacher's guide to a teacher you know. (The photo above is from that online publication.)

If you'd like to make a more general gift toward care packages for the troops, the USO can send $75 worth of goods with each $25 donation they receive. 

Or to send "food for the mind" to soldiers, you can link up with:

Here are some  "favorite books" suggestions we've received so far for soldiers:
     The Hobbit   Robinson Crusoe    The Robe     
     Eragon    Ender's Game    Thief Lord
     The Giver    Brave Companions
     Pillars of the Earth
We'd love to hear about your favorite books in the comment section below!

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