Dec 29, 2010

Almost New Year's Eve..

Looks like a weekend full of snow, football, packing up the Christmas stuff... WAIT!  It's only the fifth/sixth day of the twelve days of Christmas.  Time to be positive, giving and forgiving, hopeful.   

Have you written your personal mission statement yet?
Two postings ago we mentioned a tool for better living offered up by Dan Buettner in his book The Blue Zones...  Instead of the same old restrictive, negative, self-judging resolutions, try writing a personal mission statement.  What drives you, what are your goals, what are your standards? Share your statement with us and you may win an Amazon gift card!
  • This New Year's Weekend, set aside a half-hour to enjoy a glass of eggnog, wine, or sparkling water, put on your favorite music, and pen your own vision of who you want to be, how you wish to be remembered.  
  • Then subscribe to our blog (with Open ID or using your own email as ID) to enable the comments section. Use the comment option to send us your mission statement before January 6, 2011.  Blog readers will vote on submission Jan. 7-13.  The top two entries (entries submitted via comments only) will be awarded $25 Amazon gift cards on Jan. 15! Questions?
Here's mine to get you started:  "HandiGrammi strives to connect the folks in her life with books, nature, music, and fun -- and each other -- in such a manner as to send positive ripples in multiple directions.  HG resolves to leave her home, neighborhood, town, state, nation, and planet better places for those who follow.  She vows to age gracefully and to become a better storyteller and writer in order to pass along to the next generations those gems of love and life that will energize them with curiosity, joy, and hope."

Some picks for MP3s for this New Year's Eve:

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  1. OK, forgetting about the debt and pounds gained the last several weeks:

    My mission for the coming year(s?) is to smile, laugh & sing more, to treat myself and those around me with care--and to MAKE EACH DAY COUNT!


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